Stock2Me’s latest podcast features Paul Duffy, President of Nextech AR Solutions Corp. (CSE: NTAR) (OTCQB: NEXCF).

During the interview, Duffy explains how the company’s technology uses your smartphone to “augment” your view by superimposing a hologram into your physical location.

“What makes us different is that we put augmented reality into everything that we do. AR is the ability to take photorealistic objects – it could be people, products or places – and superimpose them using your smartphone,” Duffy said. “So, as you view your phone over a location you can conjure up a hologram and literally augment the reality of that space. If you want to view a vacuum cleaner, you could literally press a button on our website, and it will conjure up through your browser that particular vacuum as a hologram. You can pinch it, zoom it, rotate it, put it in your closet and take a selfie to send to your partner and say, ‘That’s the one we want to buy.’ AR is very useful in converting online shoppers into buyers.”

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