The Stock2Me Podcast's latest episode features Oren Klaff, a recognized world leading expert on sales, negotiation and raising capital.

Oren has extensively studied how humans respond to each other in high-stakes business situations and pioneered the application of neuroscience into raising capital and capital markets programs. His first book, Pitch Anything, has become compulsory reading on Wall Street as well as throughout Silicon Valley and the Fortune 500. More than 1,000,000 copies of Pitch Anything are in print worldwide He also has written for Harvard Business Review, Inc., Advertising Age, Entrepreneur and has been featured in hundreds of periodicals, podcasts, and blogs. Oren is a member of Geyser Holding's investment committee and is Director of Capital Markets at Intersection Capital where he has supervised the placement of over $500 million of investor capital from high net-worth individuals and financial institutions.

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